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If my hymen is artificially restored, could one detect in any way, that it has been repaired?
The hymen has a somewhat irregular appearance anyway. Furthermore the effect after the `first ´intercourse is to be replicated, in other words bleeding on penetration.
I have read that Botulinumtoxin is a highly poisonous substance. Is it dangerous to use it?

Botulinum is indeed very toxic ! We use however such small amounts for cosmetic treatments that any systemic effect is not measurable. Much larger quantities are being used in the treatments of spastic necks in infants and even more in the prevention of spontaneous contractions in paralysed patients.

I suffer from severe migraine like headaches. I have heard that Botulinum could help me.

It appears that paralysing the frown muscles removes the trigger for this type of headache in 30% of the cases. A further 30% profits from injections into the temporal muscle.

Is Hyaluronic Acid dangerous in any way?

Hyaluronic Acid is part of the matrix of the substance which links our body cells together. It appears that substances gained from bacteria or plants are not known to lead to any allergic reactions. There are rare instances of an allergy to animal based HS.

When should I use fat instead of Hyaluronic Acid?
Very fine lines cannot be treated with fat. They can be rendered less conspicuous by increasing the overall volume, for example in the lips. But for `finetuning´  HS is better suited.
In areas, where true defects or deep folds or wrinkles are to be corrected, fat is the ideal material , as it is longlasting and for most people available in abundance.
My small labia have been reduced. When can I have Sex after the operation?
In order to facilitate healing one has to be a little careful, sit on a soft kushion, observe best hygiene – and avoid intercourse for 2 – 3 weeks. 
Is that avoidable to have a very limited expression and the mouth and ears seem longer at all?

The modern lift as propagated by Dr Blaschke leaves the face completely mobile, and as there is no undermining or fixation around the mouth the mobility remains normal. At the same time there is no stress on the angles of the mouth or the ear, so their shape will be unaltered.

Is it obvious that someone had a facelift because of the scar around the earlobe?

Dr Blaschke avoids cutting around the ear with his facelift, which makes the scar very short and hides it in a natural skinfold.

How long after facial operations patients can return to their normal activities?

Dr Blaschke´s patients return after 2 weeks latest to their daily routines as incision and undermining are so limited.

Can I sit and lie normally after this operation and can I do sports?

In the direct postoperative period a range of movements and positions must be avoided, which will be discussed with you extensively. After 3 weeks you can return to your normal way of life. In the course of another 3 weeks strenuous sports should be avoided. After that there are no limitations, and in fact Dr Blaschke has patients, who are active sportswomen – and men. 

My buttocks are of normal size but they have begun to `hang ´a bit. What are my treatment options?

For a certain degree of relaxation after weight changes or simply as a consequence of tissue ageing implants are an easy and practically scarless option. Thereafter one can combine an uplift and implants or do an uplift with fat redistribution. The latter leads to some scarring.

I have heard that one can achieve the same effect as with implants by injecting fat. Is that true?
Fat injection is a good option, particularly as Dr Blaschke combines it with liposuction around the area to enhance the result. In most cases the procedure has to be repeated however to obtain a lasting result. Furthermore the achievable size is limited.
How do I know, that I only have a fatpad and not a real breast?

It is very important to discuss this in detail with Dr Blaschke as at times only further technical investigations can lead to a clear diagnosis. In most cases this can be decided following an interview and a physical examination.

What is the healing period and when can I return to normal activities?
The healing period is within days, and normal activities can resume almost immediately, but strenuous exercise of the chest muscles should be avoided for 3 weeks.


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