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It is without a doubt the most effective method to burn abdominal fat. HYPOXI therapy guarantees a flat stomach and reduced circumference through moderate and regular training.

Targeted Fat Burning On The Stomach And Hips
There are more than just aesthetic reasons to lose weight – particularly when it comes to the stomach and hip area. Playing an essential role in ensuring physical health, well- being and positive appearance, the stomach embraces and protects the internal organs and spine. HYPOXI is without a doubt the most effective method to burn abdominal fat. HYPOXI therapy guarantees a flat stomach and reduced circumference through moderate and regular training.
The Reason
Genetics, in part, dictate why there is such diversity in the distribution of body fat amongst human beings. Our genetic predisposition determines the strength of blood circulation through the dermal layers and fatty tissue of different parts of our body. Blood is the sole transporter of energy and fatty acids. If blood circulation is poor in certain regions of the body, fatty acids cannot be transported away from these areas. You can easily determine which areas of your body have poor circulation - after training, these regions will have a colder surface temperature than other body regions.
The Consequence
Stubborn fat deposits in poorly circulated areas are resistant to diet and exercise. This is because the body only burns fat which it can easily access. It will readily burn fat in areas of the body with strong circulation, but not in areas with weak circulation. If circulation is poor in the middle region of the body and the transport of fatty acids is therefore inhibited - this will not only result in stubborn fat deposits, but also cause the internal organs to overwork.
The Solution
The solution is straight forward - activate the burning of fatty acids by increasing blood circulation in problematic areas of the body. A network of pressure chambers around the stomach, waist and hips apply alternate high and low pressure on the region.
Transporting fat During the low pressure phase, blood is drawn into the fatty tissue, and enriched with fatty acids. During the high-pressure phase, the blood enriched with these fatty acids is pushed out of the problem areas into the bloodstream and then into the purifying organs.
HYPOXI Training with the Vacunaut.
The Vacunaut combines fat activation therapy with effective fat burning training. The Vacunaut Pressure Suit applies alternating pressure on the dermis - promoting blood circulation in the stomach and hip region. As a result, fatty acids located around the stomach and hip region are more readily metabolized in comparison to other parts of the body. At the same time that the therapy is applied, fat burning exercise accelerates the transport of the fatty acids to the muscles - where they are finally consumed. The outcome – completely natural, highly visible and long lasting results.
HYPOXI has been uniquely designed to apply a combination of effective therapies all at the same time. The amalgamation of fat-burning training, vacuum treatment and compression therapy promotes fat burning exactly where it is required: the stomach and hip region.

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