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Genital Refashioning

It is little known that many women are dissatisfied with their  "genital appearance" . The most common reasons are Cultural.
It is little known that many women are dissatisfied with their  "genital appearance" . The most common reasons are 
Cultural: The loss of the hymen is seen in many countries and faiths as a major obstacle to marriage. The more and more ubiquitous occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases has contributed further to this concern. The repair is a small operation with a very short recovery period.
Functional: Large labia can make normal intercourse difficult and and even lead to hygiene problems. Their reduction has become a common operation.  
Aesthetic : The appearance of the genital region has increasingly become a focus of attention. The pubic mound can sag with age, a condition, which can be remedied with fat injections and in more pronounced cases with local excsions. The size and shape of the large and small labia are a frequent concern. Dr Blaschke performs their correction quite regularly.
The Procedure
Skin removal and reshaping are performed under local anaesthesia with sedation as an outpatient procedure. There are patients however, who prefer to stay for a night, which can be easily arranged. I use resorbable sutures to avoid the discomfort of stitch removal. Minor woundhealing problems can occur due to the location and some swelling is common. Dr Blaschke will follow you up regularly to avoid potential complications.
Surgeon's Remarks
The American press has popularized surgery of vagina and labia beyond measure, which led to some reservation about this kind intervention. However in experienced hands genital reshaping has few complications and an immediate result, but marked swelling is frequent.
In Symmetrical with co-operation with the German Plastic Surgeon Dr. Blaschke, we offer Plastic Surgeries.

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