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Buttocks Enhancement

For the complete beach look, combating the most significant sign of ageing!

For the complete beach look, combating the most significant sign of ageing!Treatment
Brazil is the country, where swim wear is as tight as nowhere else and where buttock implants are as common as breast implants are here. Dr Blaschke has learned his technique in the country of origin. A natural roundness and a scar, which needs no textile cover, are the aim. 
The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. Through a short incision in the buttock fold a pouch between the muscles is formed and a silicone implant is placed. After closure of the wound a compression dressing is applied. You will stay for two days in a private hospital under our care. On discharge the compression is removed. Dr. Blaschke and his team will see you for regular checks. Suture removal will be within 14 days. You should be able to return to most activities after three weeks. It is very important to avoid a range of movements in the healing period, which will be explained to you in detail.
Surgeons Remarks
A juvenile round form is the aim of this procedure, As we can see in the illustrated papers this is difficult to achieve and only the most careful placement of the implant can lead to the desired result. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I sit and lie normally after this operation and can I do sports ? 
In the direct postoperative period a range of movements and positions must be avoided, which will be discussed with you extensively. After 3 weeks you can return to your normal way of life. In the course of another 3 weeks strenuous sports should be avoided. After that there are no limitations, and in fact Dr Blaschke has patients, who are active sportswomen – and men. 
My buttocks are of normal size but they have begun to `hang ´a bit. What are my treatment options ?
For a certain degree of relaxation after weight changes or simply as a consequence of tissue ageing implants are an easy and practically scarless option. Thereafter one can combine an uplift and implants or do an uplift with fat redistribution. The latter leads to some scarring.
I have heard that one can achieve the same effect as with implants by injecting fat. Is that true ?
Fat injection is a good option, particularly as Dr Blaschke combines it with liposuction around the area to enhance the result. In most cases the procedure has to be repeated however to obtain a lasting result. Furthermore the achievable size is limited.

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