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What is efb medical IPL & LASER

What is efb medical IPL & LASER

The principle applied for lasting photoepilation by pulsed light is to emit a penetrating ray of red light into the skin where it is absorbed by the dark melanin of hair roots and transformed into heat.

The temperature reached at the root of the hair is such that a coagulation of germ plasm (bud and stem) is produced, incurring the definitive death of hair in the anagenous phase (eliminated by 100%).

Other hairs in the catagenous or telogenous phase continue their growth cycle.

6 to 8 weeks later, these remaining hairs will be in the anagenous phase and may therefore be treated successfully.

EFB beauté® pulsed light machines are the only system to offer lasting photoepilation on blond and white hair!

Effectively, when EFB made this discovery, the company registered a patent (for blond and white hair) guaranteeing the worldwide exclusivity of the firm's research.

Offering the advantages of this unique and exclusive patented technology, the EFB beauté® flash lamps are able to ensure the lasting photoepilation not only of dark hair, but also of blond and white hair.

The results of the clinical trial carried out by the French laboratory Dermscan (accredited by the French Health Ministry) offers proof of the efficiency of the process registered by EFB.

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