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Breast Augmentation

The breast has become the most publicised part of the human body, and in keeping with its popularity the cupsize kept increasing. With that came the artificial look we know so well from certain celebrities.

Well, its time to rethink! Do you really want to have everybody know, that you had an operation ? Should it not look like a natural breast but just fuller and perhaps younger?

What makes the difference?

Breast Augmentation

Important is the choice of implants, which are sufficiently solid to provide volume, where a deflated bust needs it most but stay soft enough to be imperceptible on touch.

The position should camouflage the prosthesis but allow full movement with the breast. Therefore I use a part of the chest muscle to provide cover to the upper portion of the implant, whereas its lower two thirds stay directly under the gland.

The access should be as discrete as possible. Therefore the first step will be a careful examination of the individual patient , taking into consideration previous pregnancies, operations, asymmetries or other important factoors. Then we would come to a decision together.

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. Whereever the incision is placed, it should be as short as possible. The pouch is created to fit the implant size exactly. The wound is closed with resorbable sutures for your comfort. You are invited to spend one night in the private hospital under our care. Return to normal activities is within days, but lifting or carrying should be avoided for 3 weeks.

A modern breast augmentation should lead to a juvenile full breast, which looks grown, not made!

In Symmetrical with co-operation with the German Plastic Surgeon Dr. Blaschke, we offer Plastic Surgeries.

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