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What you need to know about Hypoxi

Most people we are by nature predisposed to storing fat in one or another area of our body, most likely in the abdominal, thighs and hips areas. Also, most of us we are unable to target and reduce fat in these problem areas simply by dieting and exercising and end up being unhappy with the shape of our body. Hypoxi technology is a body shape therapy that helps to target and to reduce fat in these problem areas and is the answer to abdominal, thighs and hips stored fat and the answer to cellulite, a fat storing problem for the majority of women.

The main reason we cannot reduce fat from problem areas, even when we follow strict diets and vigorous exercise activity, is poor blood circulation in these areas of our body. Blood plays an essential role in burning fat and transporting it as energy through our body. Therefore, to break down stored fat in problem areas, we need to improve the blood circulation in these areas of our body. To find out whether you are predisposed to storing fat and to find the fat storing problem areas of your body, touch your skin in different areas after a 30 minutes exercise; the areas where your skin is colder are the areas with poor blood circulation and the areas where fat is stored.

Hypoxi therapy is designed to help you target and break down stored fat in these problem areas. Created by Dr. Norbert Egger of Austria, the therapy combines a vacuum pressure technology and fat burning training. Four machines are used in the Hypoxi therapy: the Trainer S120 which is used for targeting the legs, thighs and hips; the Trainer L250 which is used for targeting the legs and thighs from a totally different angle; the Vacunaut, an almost science fiction looking machine which is used for reducing hip and abdominal fat; and the Hypoxi Dermology which is used for firming the skin.

The central component of a Hypoxi machine is an ergometer which is enclosed within a vacuum chamber for measuring the amount of work done by muscles and a sophisticated computer system that regulates the vacuum function and rhythm which is programmed by a trainer to suit each individual. While exercising, the pressurised chamber stimulates the blood supply around the targeted problem area and the vacuum speeds up the transport of blood. During this process, the fatty acids from the targeted area are burned off and are transported as energy through the body. To extend the burning period of fat, clients are advised to avoid consuming carbohydrates, alcohol, or caffeine for a few hours following the therapy.

The ability of the Hypoxi machine to reduce centimetres in the hips and thighs areas was tested by Hypoxi in a controlled study involving 530 women. The study found that participants who undertook Hypoxi therapy achieved up to 3 times greater targeted fat loss in the stomach, hip, buttock and thigh areas, than that achieved by participants who use other exercises. The advantage of Hypoxi is that it promotes exercise as a part of the fat and weight loss, it provides detail information about the process on each machine, and it has studios all over the world, making the therapy easily accessible. Hypoxi has transformed the bodies of thousands of people worldwide, including athletes such as three-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, swimming world record holder Ed Moses, Olympic triathlon silver medallist Michellie Jones, 2009 France Cyclist Christel Ferrier, mixed martial arts champion Carlos Lemos Jr. and celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and English songwriter, dancer, actress and model Cheryl Cole. Hypoxi is also used by US Special Military Operations Groups.

Pilates vs. Yoga: Which One is Right for You?

Hundreds of videos, magazine ads and television commercials about Yoga and Pilates fitness, and the thousands of people running around with Yoga, or Pilates mats in arm makes one wonder what is so special about these fitness practices and why is everybody doing one, or the other. The answer is simple: both practices are time-tested and effective. Find out the differences between Yoga and Pilates and which one is the right one for you.

When trying to decide whether Yoga, or Pilates is the right fitness exercise for you, the major factors to take into consideration are your personal fitness goals, preferences and needs. Both workouts are low impact, and while they are different is some ways and can be done separately, they also complement each other and they can be combined.


Yoga aims to unify the mind, body and spirit and is consider therapeutic by Yogis who believe that harmony and healing can be achieved in the right environment and with the right tools. Yoga uses the body’s own weight for resistance, is performed on a mat and is done usually in a group setting with the aid of an instructor and requires a great deal of focus for the flow from one posture into the other. Yoga makes one aware of their posture, alignment and patterns of movement, it relaxes the body and makes it flexible, and people who do Yoga feel more energetic, fit and peaceful. There are many types of Yoga practices which include also meditation, reflection, study and other elements and one can choose the type that best suits their personal preferences and fitness needs.


Pilates aims to achieve the same goal, but in a different way. In addition to matwork, Pilates incorporates workout on the Pilates machines and puts the emphasis on the strengthening of the abdominal muscles, lower back and buttocks which serve as the center of all movement. This core stabilization makes the body stronger and flexible, it improves balance and posture, and it lengthens the spine and gives a longer, leaner line. Pilates requires precision, quality of movement and mental focus on the movement being preformed. It is an adjustable workout and is ideal for preventing injuries and for rehabilitation.

Still not sure?

If you are still not sure about which of the two fitness practices is the right one for you, then combine the two together. Strengthen your abdominal, lower back and buttock muscles without excess bulk on the Pilates machines to improve your posture and to achieve a sleek, toned body and incorporate the meditative aspects of Yoga into your routine to soothe and tone your nerves and to relieve the stress of your everyday life.

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