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Pectoralis Plasty / Chest Augmentation

A pronounced chest is a sign of male strength. An implant is a way out , if all training fails - or if there are any malformations.

How I do it

Pectoralis Plasty / Chest Augmentation

The operation is normally performed under general anaesthesia, but other ways are possible if required. The first step is a thorough marking of the breast. Access is through an incision under the axilla. The careful placement under the Greater Pectoralis muscle is important as the implant could shift otherwise. A drain is inserted and a compression garment applied. One night should be spent in the clinic for your safety and comfort. The drain will normally be removed in the morning. Usual activities can be resumed as soon as it feels comfortable, but lifting and carrying should be avoided for 3 weeks.

The result can be quite striking, and the operation is quick and carries a very low risk profile.

In Symmetrical with co-operation with the German Plastic Surgeon Dr. Blaschke, we offer Plastic Surgeries.

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