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Personal Training

The luxury that you own to yourself

‘Personal Training’; means ‘personalized exercise’ and you can discover this at Symmetrical.

Fitness ‘tailored’ to your personality.

If you're not one of those people who compromise by doing a traditional workout, Symmetrical has the ideal choice: fitness tailored to your own personal abilities, needs and pace, guided by your own personal trainer who will help you to achieve your goal quickly and effectively.

The design of your strictly personal training program is done with great care, involving measuring, testing and assessing, and it is based on factors such as your physical condition, age, and lifestyle and of course on your own preferences and the outcome you want to achieve:

  • Weight Loss
  • General strength training
  • Special preparation for specific sports
  • Recovery from injury
  • Exercise before and after childbirth

Our knowledgeable, experienced, patient and educated on modern training methods fitness professionals, all teachers of physical education graduates, will help you discover the joy of personal exercise in our friendly and familiar environment, and they will guide you and train you responsibly and at the same time pleasantly, so that you feel ‘at home’ and you appreciate the value of personal training and immediate results in your fitness, as well as your mood.

Come, give us a little of your time and try new ways of exercising; you will be thrilled! We are waiting for you...

Your new life is just a decision ... and is within your reach.

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